When a fool, attacks and wants to argue, do not respond according to the topic that they pick or you will soon be made  out to be foolish yourself.

Instead, talk to them about the real issue, the lusts of life which lead people to want to argue about the plain truth of God’s word.

You might respond, “I’ve found that when someone wants to argue about this topic, there is often something else they know they need to deal with. I’m, wondering if the Holy Spirit might be talking to you about another topic?”

The other day I quoted in church from Peter who said that in the end times people, because of their lust would come up with evolution and deny that God created everything by speaking it into existence. Instead they believe that all things have continued the same from the beginning. 2 Peter 3.5

Afterwards, a needy person, attacked me as being uncharitable because I pointed out that the Inspired Word suggested that he had lust in his life since he insisted in believing that God used endless haphazard death to produce life from non-life.

I pointed out that lust could include the passion to argue and always be seen as cleverer than one’s neighbor.

I asked him to define CHARITY, and he walked away saying, “this conversation is over.”

Do you think he was seeking my best interest and chose to cause me pain in order to straighten me out? If he was seeking my welfare, why did he give up on me so easily? Or was I being uncharitable in pointing him to the Word of God to find peace in the middle of his miserable quest for apparent intellectual superiority.

The word translated CHARITY in the Bible is the word AGAPE. There are three types of love in Greek, sexual love, brotherly love, and AGAPE or God’s love. This is the love which seeks the best interest of the other person even if they hate you for doing what they desperately need someone to do for them.

This is not just walking up to someone at church and unloading on them our pet peeves with the preface, ” I’m telling you this for your own good.”

We must ask ourselves the question, and ponder it carefully, “What approach is the most likely to help the other person see and change?” We must be clear enough that there is some hope of their understanding what our concern is. We must keep in mind the two “sugar coatings” of the bitter truth of our need to change. 1. we are all messed up. All have sinned and come short 2. there is grace enough to provide hope for even the very worst.

You might start with, “In my life God has had to teach me that _______.” OR “I really like you and am torn, I don’t want to cause you pain, but as a friend I don’t want to see you get hurt.” “You seem to be struggling, I’ve been through a lot myself, is there any way I could help?”

Sure Charity is patient, hopes for the best, believes in the other’s worth, is not puffed up etc. I Corinthians 12. However, Charity. as a doctor I have learned, is willing to take a knife to an infected wound and scrape out the debris so that healthy tissue might regrow.

Please pray for the stranger who accosted me at church. That the Holy Spirit might take up the “argument” and not let him sleep or concentrate or succeed at anything till he deals with his pride and need to argue. I doubt that any other person is capable of breaking through his defenses. He is truly miserable, poor man.

I love you and pray for all those who bless me by listening to me share. Do not argue but do care enough to share the truth. 2 Timothy 2.25

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