Do you sometimes feel that you have little to contribute? Well, join the club. Fortunately, God isn’t looking for a few good men, just looking for a few available ones who, though they have little, still give all the little they have to God.

In God’s eyes, all of my little is a lot but some of a lot is nothing at all he wants it all, total surrender or nothing.

Remember when Annanias and Saphira gave a good gift to the church but pretended it was all they had? Wrong move!

I like the joke about the new IRS tax form.

Line 1-how much did you make?

Line 2-send it to us.

Well, I don’t know when the IRS is coming out with this form, but God already has it. He is looking for total surrender. Remember, you are no fool to let go of the illusion of having something apart from God, in order to gain all that is God’s as joint heir with Christ.

The monkeys on the Indian ocean islands, find gourds which the locals have tied into the trees. These gourds have long necks and grain in the bottom. The monkey reaches down the long neck and grabs some grain, but when he goes to pull out his hand, it won’t fit. All he has to do to be free, is to let go of what he wants but can’t have. Instead he hangs on till the hunter comes and gathers him for supper.

How can I tell if I have not surrendered all. First, this side of heaven, no one has, so just be humble and suspect that in whatever is currently happening there is opportunity for further surrender.

Then watch for anger, defending rights, feeling sorry for yourself, thinking you’ve earned something, the thoughts ” mine, I need, why,  must, should, what will people think? etc. etc. You know the drill.

Here’s a short poem I wrote on a lady who gave her all.

A widowed lady cast her penny in

The yawning mouth of a hungry moneybin.

She didn’t see the man standing by, who watched that lady with a loving eye.

Then turned around to his friends to say.


There were men with bags of money to give, but they didn’t need their money to live.

She gave the very last penny she had, but that wasn’t why she was feeling so bad.

She was just sorry she couldn’t give more, she had depleted her pitiful store. If she had more, she’d have given that too.


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