Continued from HASHEM=THE NAME

EL CHAY-the living one

Dear EL CHAY, why do I look for life in the dead husks around me? You came that I might have life more and more! Help me remember and picture and act in the positional fact that I am dead to sin but alive to you. Let others see me and exclaim “they are so full of life, where does it all come from?” Then let me be ready to give an answer.

SHOPET-the judge.

Dear SHOPET, why should I fear to stand before your judgement throne when my defense attorney is your own dear SON who has already stamped my charges PAID IN FULL signed with his precious blood and nailed them to the cross?

EL ELYON- The most high

Dear EL ELYON the devil thought he could ascend on high. HAH! You are the highest, my highest one, higher than my fears, higher than anyone who could come against me. Help me to see all of life from you vntage point- give me your vision oh most high.

MIQWEH ISRAEL-hope of Israel

Dear MIQWEH  my hope built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness! Teach me to picture heaven to live in the type of hope that knows that what is not yet certainly WILL BE, what is not seen-IS and I may act in that certainty and lay up treasure with you.

MIGDAL OZ-my strong tower

Dear MIGDAL OZ, what have I to dread? What have I to fear? You are my strong tower. Who shall pluck me from your hand? You are for me, who can be against me. Blow you winds blow, you’ll not shake this tower!

ROACH QODESH-holy spirit

Dear ROACH QODESH, help me to worship you in spirit and in truth, make me to be filled with your holiness, help me not to quench you or cause you pain, show me more and more of Jesus!


Dear ADONAY,  I call you “lord! lord!” but where is my heart? Help me to focus my inner thoughts on you and seek your will. Help me to stand ready, like a good butler, watching for the slightest indication of your pleasure, and like Isaiah say “here am I send me!”

Oh! the music of his names, may I rest in the peace they provide, act in the strength they define.



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