HASHEM = THE NAME Who am I? Tell them I AM has sent you. Praying in the name of THE NAME, HASHEM

Isaiah 48,11  For MY own sake, even for MY own sake will I do it. For how should MY NAME be polluted , and I will not give MY glory to another.

When I seek elsewhere for the things that flow from the names of GOD, I give HIS glory to these other things. It is worshipful to know HIS names and pray for HIM to act according to who HE IS as revealed in HIS NAMES.

YAHWEH ROPHEKA = The healer. )

Dear ROPHEKA-healer: heal my illnesses and turn my stony heart into flesh and mend the broken parts and fix the music of my soul. Psalms 103:3 & 141:3

EL SHADDAY – the supplier of basic life needs:)

Dear SHADDAY help me to quit worrying about tomorrow,  you know I need food and clothing, give me today my daily bread. Mattew 6:25

GO EL – The redeemer.)

Dear GO EL The years of my life have been eaten by the locusts, please redeem them and where sin abounded make your grace to even more abound, teach me to be a redeemer of the time you give me today.Titus 2:14

YAHWEH SHAMMAH – The one who is there.)

Dear SHAMMAH help me to be aware of your presence and in all my ways may I acknowledge you and seek to know you more and to rest in the fact that you are, you are, oh yes you are! Hebrews 11:6

YAHWEH ROI – My shepherd.)

Dear ROI,  I am but a little lamb and need protection and guidance, teach me to love your voice.  And, if needed, you may break my leg to keep me from running away but then pick me up on your shoulders at times that I may rest in your strength. Matthew 18:13

ISH MAKOBOTH – Man of sorrows.)

Dear ISH MAKOBOTH, I know that I whine a lot about my lot, help me to remember that you have been tested in all ways and that you now join me in my sorrow and  my tears are precious to you. Help me to remember that it is darkest before the dawn. Colossians 1:24

YAHWEH YIREH – My substitute sacrifice.)

Dear YIREH forgive me for trying to pay for my sins and for failure to accept that you are much more than sufficient payment for all my sins, help me to rest in your finished work to see that you are my substitute, I should have been the one on the cross, thank you for taking my place. Ephesians 5:2

YAHWEH NISSI – My banner.)

Dear NISSI  as you were lifted up to draw me to you help me to rally to the cross, to point others to the cross, to identify myself as a soldier of the cross. When I falter in the battle let me find my rallying point in you on the cross. Thank you for giving me such a  war banner to hold high. Psalm 60:4


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