Podcasts are being Installed

Do you use iTunes? Dr. Bell’s audio sessions will be up on the store (for free) shortly. The only drawback will be you’ll have an inbox full of posts today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “Podcasts are being Installed

  1. Dr. Bell: I can’t seem to find them (yet?) on the iTunes Store. Your links work but they are taking me back to your website. Ideally they would not just be on the World Wide Web but also thru the Apple Podcast app. There would be a greater chance that Joe User would find them because of so many people using the app and its high search ability. Did you follow the instructions here? http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/specs.html Just trying to be helpful & get the word out!! -Lynda

    • Hi, Lynda, this is Dr. Bell’s tech support. We’ve submitted his podcasts for approval at iTunes as of 2 weeks ago, but they haven’t responded yet. I’ll put up a post as soon as it works.
      For now, you can go to Feedburner and download the chapters individually and it will show up on your iTunes library (I was able to get them on my iPod that way).
      It’s a tiny bit annoying, but, that’s life! ~Cheri

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