I. Ask God, “please teach me!” James 1,5

II. Watch the events of the following days expecting him to teach

III.When the event hits, our job is to react badly. (Pretty easy huh?) To react with stinking-thinking, foolish-feelings, awful-actions. (WE may now pick from the following popular options or invent our own,: “this is terrible, what will people think?, I’ll lose everything, this is unfair, why me?, I can’t take it anymore, I’m too weak dumb or inexperienced just can’t, I’m not worthy, this is below me, who do they think I am? I have rights blah blah blah etc, etc, etc.) Exodus 4, 10-11

IV. Spot the bad reaction. (ouch!)

V. Say to ourselves, “I can’t deal with this,  but God can and will and wants to, so I’ll get out of God’s way and see what He will do and I’ll prepare to obey. Phillipians 4,13

VI. Say THANK you  GOD for this teaching experience, I’ll need your HELP, please SHOW ME your way.

VII. Ask yourself what the opposite of our natural response would look like.  (This takes humility-see word definitions-to realize that if we want to act in a godly way, that we’re so messed up that our natural response will not only be bent but be entirely opposite of what it should be!)   (For example: if we want to lie to someone then ask God to help you see them as a member of you who needs to be primed with truth in order to play their intended role in your life. If we want  to take anything that isn’t yours, then stop and give to those in need, if we want to use our mouths to tear someone down then use it to encourage and exhort, if we have the urge to find fault then look for a picky positive observation to voice.) Ephesians 4,25-34

VIII. DO THE OPPOSITE, move the members of our body according to this new picture of the opposite. ( Remember that to simply quit a negative invites 8 demons in the place of the old one.) Matthew 12 ,44

IX. Thank God for whatever result he wants to produce from our feeble efforts to obey. Ephesians 5,20

X. Rest in him and ponder what we have learned and prepare for another lesson.

XI. Share what God has taught in order to bless another with the acts of the Holy Spirit in your life.


  1. Verle, This was the first e-mail I opened this morning; what a blessing! I will be thinking of this all day as I pursue holy living.

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