Sometimes I feel so small, especially when I study the stars, and the problems around me are so huge that I wonder “why bother?” But God loves to use the small of this world to defeat the powerful. He can take a loaf of bread and multiply it.

Unlike the Marines, God is not looking for strong people but prefers the humble. He himself became a single-celled being for a moment in time. It has been said that God plus one is enough to do the job. If I feel so small that I don’t offer to him my mouth, hands, feet and self for him to use, then he will search for a man to stand in the gap and find none to fill the gap intended for me and him to fill. I used to think that God will get his way with or without me but how will they believe if no one tells them? How will they be told if no one goes? How will they go if no one sends them? Romans 10:14

Those who seem (to themselves and others) to be nothing turn out to be much more important than the apparent big shots. I Cor 12.12

With God there are no small unimportant people and with him there are no small trivial tasks. So, I need to do all things as unto God, even cleaning the toilet and even when no one notices. If I am faithful in little things then he will be able to entrust me with big things. Remember the one with one talent? If he’d invested it, God would have enlarged it and then entrusted him with a city. There are times where my entire life SEEMS to be full of small, unimportant things, but my faithfulness prepares for me a far greater weight of glory in the next life. 2 Corinthians 4.17

Lord let me entrust you with my small resources, small obediences, small talents–knowing that you love to multiply the small, the weak, the imperfect efforts to your glory. That, because I carry the treasure of you in an ordinary earthen vessel, then the treasure is what others see.


2 thoughts on “GOD’S POWER IN LITTLE OL ME

    • I’ve found that, instead of waiting till we are in the stressfull valley or have climbed out by his grace; it is helpful to face each day promising to note the Lord at work and to write down enough of what he is doing to improve how I bear witness the next day or that Sunday at church. I deliberately pause at lunch supper and bedtime to do a GOD-WATCH. I like the story of Abraham’s servant. Given the rediculously tough task of going to a far city and picking out a bride for his master’s son, he cried out to God for help. When the help came he paused and gave worship, rather than charging on into grabbing the blessing. Only one of the leper’s healed ran back to thank Jesus.
      I find that the discipline of doing a GOD-WATCH primes my mind and eyes and ears to spot more of all that God is doing.
      Medically, we know that the brain erases a lot of the memories from yesterday, so as not to become cluttered, but we tend to erase the very things we should be fixing in our recall in order to do propler homage to out tremendous lover.

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