Everyone wants wisdom and to be considered wise.

Not everyone wants to admit that their natural thoughts are not already wise. People all believe that they have common-sense, but the truth is that common sense is extremely rare.

They add knowledge to knowledge and this does not produce wisdom but rather makes them  puffed up.

To be wise we must begin with fearing God, hating evil and hungering for righteousness. We must believe that God IS and that He rewards those who diligently seek him. As I read the Word of God, if I find it is telling me what to do, I humbly ask myself, “how do I mess that up? How do I yield my body parts to doing the wrong, and what would the opposite look like?”

You can not spot God’s way by assuming that you naturally do it right and going directly to application. Only the humble will see God’s practical word by looking at himself  then crying out in prayer I CAN’T- SO HELP ME, YOU CAN- SO THANK YOU, NOW SHOW ME HOW YOU WANT ME TO RESPOND.”


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