So, what has God taken me through to allow me to share thoughts that hopefully will equip you for practical application of his ideas to your life? I realized my need for salvation at an early age of 5 due to being raised in a missionary home in India. At the mission school , as a teen I organized debated teams and youth outreach and went door to door evangelizing with Operation Mobilization teams. I have led community and church Bible studies my whole life,

I have earned an MD and finished a residency in Psychiatry. More importantly, I put each new idea given to me through the test of scripture. If an idea agreed with the Bible then it might help me understand God’s word  practically. If it disagreed, then I had to ponder why the word of God was correct and the nice sounding idea was wrong.

Lastly I have raised 5 children and we are working on helping them raise the next generation. I have been married to Lois for 43 years.

I have spent 40 to 60 hours a week helping people deal with depression, psychosis, anxiety etc. and teaching them to rest in the Grace of God.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. So glad to have access to these teachings once again! I’ve missed them and look forward to many more new ones!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Remember go ahead and be as tense as your like, just see how much of God’s grace you can get rid of by forgetting it IN THE END YOUR OPINION DOESN’T COUNT! SO HA! ONLY GOD’S OPINION COUNTS AND HE KNOWS MORE THAN YOU AND IS AT PEACE ABOUT YOU AND LOVES EVERY HAIR ON YOUR HEAD. Your fellow slave and soldier and bride of Christ VERLE.

    • Ok so I’m human! I haven’t received many questions or comments from readers as to anything I’ve blogged on so it’s hard to tell if the blog site is hard to use or boring, do people check back or are my notes being forewarded and being read but no response. If you have thoughts on how to meet peoples needs this way or encourage questions more please drop me a line . thanks verle

  2. Doc. Bell

    Your blog has been extremely helpful as an assistant after my partial program. It is helping me learn to let my thoughts go and allow Gods grace to guide me.

    Thanks for your help.


  3. In the early ’90’s I was blessed to be in an in-patient hospital to deal with my insanity. Dr. Bell taught us “True Freedom” every day, drenched us in the depths of grace, and showed us where to find food. I am so thankful to be able to hear these truths again, for I share them with myself and anyone God chooses. My husband, too, was blessed to be confronted with his insanity and begin to live in grace. We now have three grown sons, grandchildren (one in heaven) with whom we have shared the principles of true freedom. Our family was on the precipice of destruction when we were led by God to be taught by Dr. Bell, and God used him to rescue our family. I bless God for him and know God is blessed by his obedient service. Thank you, Dr. Bell — we speak of you in our home often. We live beneath the cross and our banner is hope.

  4. Oh, to have found this blog and you again! I look forward to checking this all out. I want to thank you, so much, for being on my path of growing in JESUS. Our paths crossed in the early 90’s, in Wheaton, IL. I still have the tapes and wish they were CD’s, for I still listen to the tapes periodically and hoping they don’t break. I have your book True Freedom (picked it up at the group reunion, in the UP many years ago) and enjoy reading it from time to time.

    The tapes and CD’S are all on this blog! Go to the audio selection and start with the first and you will find them. Thanks for the encouragement. God is the general contractor of our growth the author and developer and finisher of our faith. I do like being a subcontractor to do odd jobs with him helping you and others focus on His marvelous truths.

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