I am told that the truths that I share sometimes come across a bit too curt. Not that the truths shouldn’t be firmly held, but when I share them verbally my tone and expression and responses to the listener allow me to share the truth and the balance of grace at the same time (please listen to some of my audios for examples).

Whatever today’s topic, the full balance always involves the the following sweet coatings on the sometimes distasteful pill of truth of:

For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

1. You are not alone, Dr. Verle Bell joins you as the chief of sinners and in no position to judge your worth, dignity, security, future, or God’s ability to help you.

2. There is Hope!

3. If you are a saved child of God, you have worth, strength, and hope just because. You can’t lose it or increase it, you have them just because Jesus died for you and loves you.

4. There are no have to‘s for us but there are a lot of sure-would-be-nice‘s. These blogs are to help you grab ahold of all the sure-would-be-nice’s God has for you in the present.

5. If you never change, grow, fight the good fight, etc, You are still a winner, for we are more than conquerors- we forever remain in his love!

Stop to think, how many people have passed through this world without confessing with God that they are a sinner in need of salvation, asking for that salvation based on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Since we have, as a result we are now immortals. The rest is just icing on the cake.

Now read on to get your share of the icing!

If you ask Him nicely, He might even let you lick out of the icing bowl, just as my Mom did when I helped her in the kitchen as a boy.


Do your recall the arrogant religious men who dragged the lady caught in adultery before the Lord? So where was the man caught in adultery? It’s hard to do that sin alone. Then when the Holy Spirit convicted them all from the oldest to the youngest THEY ALL SLUNK OFF!

What can I learn from this? The more that I notice how messed up those around me are–the more I am just trying to avoid looking at my own sin by pointing out theirs. They were angry at Jesus because he pointed out their sin. Am I angry at Jesus when I am finding fault with other? Like Martha am I saying by my attitude, “What’s wrong with you Jesus, that you haven’t sent Mary back to help me as you should have?” Do I find more fault with those who are not just like I am, people from the other group such as this woman?

Do I think that I must pay for my own sins by slinking off when convicted. IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO BE CONVICTED, YOU MUST RUN TO JESUS AND FALL AT HIS FEET! One by one they should have fallen in the dirt and cried out, ” Have mercy on me I am the one who should be stoned!” Do we just feel bad about ourselves when we see that we are indeed the chief of sinners; or do we seek and accept the gift of forgiveness he was prepared to grant both the men and the woman. She was the only  one that walked away forgiven.

When the 10 lepers were healed only one returned. The others must have seen him go, why did they not run to Jesus. He was the only one both healed and forgiven. Did they think that, as Jews they deserved healing but this Samaritan should be grateful for he deserved nothing?

The rich young ruler followed all the commandments but walked away from Jesus without the treasure of eternal life being offered and the chance to become one of the disciples.

Do we allow conviction,beg for healing, ask for eternal life and lose out by not letting our needs drive us to Jesus?

This week let your needs and trials and sins and failures and rejections and losses and and and ALL THE ABOVE drive you to Jesus!


I remember those tapes you used to loan to me! :) This was good for me to hear again. I’m definitely going to work on doing more of my part. Hold me accountable, please. Thank you for your wisdom, Dr. Bell ~ you are such a blessing to many. I am going to pass your video along to two of my friends. :) God bless you!

Thank you Michelle for sharing the video. That is a real encouragement to me. I have always been puzzled by two responses to the things I feel the Lord wants me to share with others. One: lots of appreciation for the practical truth, and Two: no evidence of people sharing it with others. I do feel more and more that the Lord wants me to put my energy into internet work. So it encourages me to see it help others. Please free to share it with anyone who is open. These ideas are universal and lead us inevitably to GRACE the only way to truly be passionate and peaceful.

Dad’s memorial went wonderfully and we all made it home safely in the new fallen snow. The Lord is good to us.

Besides sharing with others and encouraging me, I’d be so grateful for any Dear Abby type questions. Remember that the Word of God is profitable for all aspects of life. God has wired my brain to respond best to questions. I do get some from time to time and  even then, when I respond, I do not get any follow-up “well what about this or don’t you think that?” back and forth discussion. I’ve been told that that is standard with the internet but maybe we could be less standard? Could you all try to listen and watch for life question this week and send them to me?

With all my love  and life passion for Christ. Verle


Only three years in the making, The Lord has allowed me to move my practice slowly and creakily into 2015.  Years ago when the insurance shrunk inpatient times down to 2 weeks from 3 months, I was led to put my basic theology for Christians on cassette tape. It is still available on my audio part of my web site. When I used to counsel I would have the people bring a recorder and tape the session and listen to it between sessions. Now, in the hospital, I have been begging them to let me put my discharge one hour lecture on youtube. I cover far more than anyone could possibly remember and knew it would be helpful to have it in a convenient format for them to review. It took the hospital 2 years to vote to let me do it and then over six months to find someone to record it and upload it.

It covers what is our part in resting in Grace and not squandering our precious reserves on worry anger self contempt guilt bitterness works etc.

SO NOW HELP ME GO VIRAL. HAH! But do consider reviewing this useful review and if you find it helpful share it with a friend. My reward is that I have a connection to my blog and hope to drive some traffic that way.

Pray first for God to use this to heal and bless others. He has been so good to me to give me time with my Dad before he ascended Jacob’s ladder. Dad’s memorial is this Saturday. Pray that it will give the Lord one more chance to use my father’s life to minister to others.


I know, pretty complicated but it works. Your servant in Christ Verle


Lois and I once visited a beautiful mansion in Detroit built by the Fischer family of Fischer body and parts fame. It was occupied by the Hare Krishna s. The singles lived in the mansion and the married couples in cottages across the street. I have seldom seen such cooperation and peace among a working team. The kind of cooperation I have always longed to see among God’s people. BUT the price was too high. As far as I could see they had no individual personalities left. I went back to my bickering cantankerous brothers in Christ and loved how they were each so different in their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Many churches want everyone to think alike, feel alike, act alike, in order to get along. I think God wants us to AGREE TO DISAGREE AND BE AGREEABLE. Most people just don’t want to know other’s thoughts or to share what their thoughts are. Then they can pretend that they are all on the same track.

I remember watching a video from Moody which ended on the plea to take what had been shared and debate it. I proceeded to share a slightly different take on the Bible passage and was firmly told to shut up and agree with the video’s interpretation.

I once disagreed with the director of the children’s club at church. They wanted to compare the students with each other and I wanted to award them for work done and not for relative performance. The director said NO you will do it my way. I agreed to disagree and still work hard to make the program work and to get along with the director. She on the other hand never talked with me again and , if I came into the same room, she would stop talking and walk out.

Even if you are sure you are correct, remember that we do not fight and argue, we remember that the Lord will straighten them out in His own time. Jesus let the rich young ruler walk away.  We share the truth , if peradventure, the Lord might grant them open eyes. We pray, Father have mercy on them they don’t fully understand. There is no point in defending THE WORD with delivery that would make Jesus pained. Remember the fruit of the SPIRIT? Love,(the unlovely)take Joy (in the privilege of relating to our enemies)find Peace (with the cantankerous) be Patient (with the harried impatient people around us)be Gentle (with the rough) and Kind (to the unkind)

Go ahead and surround yourself with people who don’t agree with you and ask God to help you remain agreeable for this will go much farther to bring them to consider the truth you share, than and amount of heated or brilliant arguing. Continue reading


As many of you may know, my father is slowly sinking out of this world. He shared with me that he had a vision of climbing Jacob’s ladder into heaven with the Lord waiting for him at the top. I think he is about on the last rung and expect him to move on this weekend.  (Is it OK to feel some depression?)Just to add to the stress, I am being worked up for possible cancer but they think there is a more likely benign explanation for my symptoms. (Is it OK to feel a bit anxious?) Lois is being worked up for retinal detachment due to her diabetes.(Is it OK to feel concern for her and for what this holds for both of our futures)

Of course it is OK to feel uncomfortable feeling, even to thank God for them. We do not morn as the heathen do but we do morn. We have cares, we just learn to cast them on him. I went to a relative’s funeral a few years ago where the deceased was young and left two small children and a wife. She was running around acting as though a good Christian doesn’t grieve under such circumstances. I wondered if she really loved her husband. Even God weeps  and longs after us when we are feel hurt or we are neglecting him.

Strength is not found in the lack of feelings but in feeling powerfully and not being damaged by the feelings but being driven closer to God and one another. The first thing we should do when we are hurting is thank  God for the pain and let it direct us to what we are to do about the situation and to rely on him and others.

It helps to look for God’s hand in turning the hardships into blessings. I have not had a month unscheduled in 40 years but God arraigned to have me off for a month starting exactly one week before I would need to be there to help with my dad. Then He helped me heal rapidly enough that I could tolerate car travel and go down and sit with my father for the last three weeks. What a blessing he has been to me and what a joy to have this time to get to know him better before he passes into glory.

It has helped me deepen my understanding of the brevity of life and the importance of redeeming each moment. Dad was singing a hymn as a hospice nurse was helping him. She commented that she liked the hymn Amazing Grace. Dad asked her if she knew the story. She didn’t and so he shared it with her and we bought her the movie and pray it will lead her to the Lord. As he knew he was dying he found peace with it and sought to be good to the last drop.

May God bring blessing out of all your share of life’s stresses. Verle Continue reading


This last week I was at church and they were talking about the Michigan State Michigan football game. NO that is not the favorite American thing to spend time on.

A Russian comedian once came to America and noticed what our favorite things to do was. A counselor was teaching on my inpatient unit and he had everyone ponder what they spend their most time doing. Was it sleep, eating, working , commuting etc. NO

The comedian gave us a clue, by pointing out that we do this activity most during a time we call HAPPY HOUR, no it isn’t drinking. He pointed out that we whine and complain about the weather, roads, government, our job, our boss, our family, in fact pretty much everything. It seems so innocuous, everyone does it but God seemed to be pretty upset when the Israelis were whining about how boring life was. He sent snakes to bite them to liven things up.

When we moan and groan over how hard things are, our brain has to waste energy and serotonin trying to calm us down. “What’s he uptight about? The government? yea that’s a problem so what is he going to do about it? NOTHING? So why is he wasting time and energy on that?”

So how are you coming at dropping out of this national sport and developing some PICKY POSITIVE muscles of gratitude for little things and giving thanks to the Lord in ALL things.


(THIS IS A REPRINT since I had sent it out without the previous one.)

First, on a personal note, I pointed out that all caring godly people hit bottom and burnout sooner or later. I always have admired my dad for his faithful following of the Lord and service to the kingdom. He shared with me that there was a time not too long ago when he felt burned out. I know that about 6 years ago I was pretty depressed. I felt that, based on how my children were doing, I was a complete failure as a parent. The church did not want anything that I had to offer. Work just wanted a pill pusher, not a counselor, my back was always hurting. Whatever, I started to feel sorry for myself and could relate to Jonah, Moses, and Elijah, “God why don’t you just take me?” I knew that suicide was not an option and even that felt like being trapped.  It felt that everyone wanted me only for what they could get from me and not for myself.

So what helped. I guess I just kept walking and decided that Jesus was enough even if I never accomplished great things or had lots of people want to hang out with me. I am doing better at keeping my focus on the fulfillment that must wait till I see Him face to face.

In my last blog, I said that there are three ways that we use up our serotonin and become burned out. This week I spotted a fourth. So let me review and elaborate. First we circle round and round on things we can’t control. Second we make mountains out of small stuff. (I covered two tools for dealing with these. 1. ask the question, “Is it my job right now to do something about the circling concern?”2. bring problems down to size by continually noting things God has helped me do, things that others have done well and things that are just plain positive.

Third is to suppress issues we should see’ accept the reality of, and move on.                                                                                                                          In regards to the present: we procrastinate, in regards to the past: we bury, in regards to the future: we stick our heads in the sand . ” I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it” I know that we are not to WORRY about tomorrow but it is OK to prepare and do today things that are relevant to tomorrow.Proverbs 22:3A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Don’t procrastinate. My daughter Cheri is wise beyond my years. A while ago I was thrilled to have the chance to teach a Sunday school class. I’ve been going to this church for over a year and finally had a chance to contribute something out of my God design. I prepared well and thought I did a good job and was excited about continued opportunity to give to my brethren. The next week pastor called and said to Lois, “Have Verle bring back the teachers manual we won’t need him to teach again.” Being the fragile person I am, I was feeling hurt and was going to take the rest of the week to build up to asking pastor what I’d done wrong. That would have used up enormous amounts of serotonin to suppress my feeling, gotten in the way of performing well at work and then I would have wound up dealing with a bigger problem come Sunday. Cheri encouraged me to check with pastor and not procrastinate. I called him and he was just thinking that I was a busy doctor and he’d appreciated my help and found someone else to cover.

Let’s let go of, fussing with things we can’t control, let’s  find positives three times a day and not suppress issues.

A word of caution: before opening up memories of past abuse. you must be prepared to bring healing truth into the memory and it is wise to have a pastor or counselor help you. If you just uncover things and get agitated and stop thinking about them. they will go back into your memory more poisonous then they were.